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Fitness, fat loss, strength and conditioning. You choose a personal training goal, we will achieve it. 

I'm a personal trainer based in Dorchester. I train all fitness levels, from the beginner to the competing athlete. I have been a personal trainer in the Dorchester area since 2010.
I use a crossfit method in my personal training. It's a revolutionary and highly effective way of getting good results on schedule. It's also lots of fun. It uses functional movements to enhance your whole body. The best thing is, it works for everyone. 
Within personal training, exercise is just one aspect of what I cover. Together we will address other areas of your lifestyle to optimise your performance, such as quality nutrition and stress management. 
If you're based near Dorchester and are looking to achieve a versatile fitness, functional strength and body transformation, we can make this happen. 
Interested in personal training? I would love to offer you a FREE no obligation phone consultation. Give me a call on 07970462077 or email
Dave Wall - Dorchester personal training
Training with Dave is always interesting and fun. He easily adapts to your needs with sessions which are well thought out, challenging and take you forward, and he has an indepth knowledge to draw on to help you achieve your goals.
Nigel from Charlton Down
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